RCRCC FPV Flight Rules













































First Person View (FPV) and small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) General Rules

·         All FPV (fixed wing / multi-rotor) and sUAS flying must occur from the flight line of the FPV area on the heli side.

·         All AMA safety rules and rules for FPV flying (AMA Document #550) and flying of small UAS (AMA Document #560) must be followed. This means NO FLYING WITHOUT A SPOTTER.

·         Before their first FPV flight at the club pilots and their equipment must be cleared for flight member familiar with FPV equipment and operation. Equipment must be checked for proper fail-safe configuration.


FPV area flying procedures

NEVER power up an FPV model or video transmitter without following the Video Frequency Protocol below.

FPV aircraft must keep a minimum distance of 30ft from any FPV pilots (risk of interference).

 Pilots line up along and behind the flight line demarcated by cones, 30ft from the edge of the field.

No flying over or behind the flight line, in particular the pit area or over the pilots.

 Any race track layouts must have the straight part parallel to the flight line, and keep a minimum of 50ft away from it.

 Members and guests should remain off the flying field except while retrieving an aircraft. Before stepping on the field, members must announce their intention to enter the field such that all active pilots can hear it. Such member is also responsible to watch for and avoid incoming aircraft.

 Pilots must announce takeoff and landing such that all other active pilots can hear it. i. The spotter or other club members must attempt to clear the field of intruders or have the pilot land the aircraft when and where it is safe to do so.

A maximum of six (6) aircraft are allowed to fly at the same time.


Video Frequency Protocol a. DO NOT POWER UP YOUR MODEL or any video transmitter before all of the following steps have been completed.

·      Obtain the frequency card for the video frequency you intend to use.  If you need to switch frequency please wait until all active FPV pilots have landed and confirmed that it is safe to turn on your video transmitter.

·       You have activated your RECEIVER (goggles, screen) on your frequency and you do NOT see any other FPV pilot’s video feed.

·      You have made positively sure your video transmitter is set to the intended, non-conflicting frequency.

·      Announce when you are powering up, and if you hear someone said “power off”, please do immediately.

·      Pilots must announce their intention to take off, and give other active pilots reasonable time to power up their video transmitters for concurrent flight.

·       Before take off each pilot must verify that their video feed is of sufficient quality.

·      Please land as far as possible from the flight line to not interfere with the pilots currently flying.


The following frequencies are the only ones currently being used at RCRCC since those have been proven to work well together:

Race band 1 - 5658

Race band 2 - 5695

F2 - 5760

F4 - 5800

E5 – 5885