~ 2017 photos ~







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Johnny's Stearman

Pascack 2017

It's not Rhinebeck

Go fly a kite!

This is what a 'cute' plane looks like

Kevin Mints' Bronco

Thursday morning flyers

Steve Dudas' Dr.1

September Fun Fly

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Henry Velez's Westland Lysander

B-17 repair

A busy morning at RCRC

Fun Fly shopping with Johnny!

Gai Elhanan's Creation

Johann's Elder

Howie Otchy and his Nieuport

The 'no-frills' Sig Seniorita

Sterling Forest from above

A Pilot's Meeting

Steve McNerney's new A-10

Aron Gorelik's Marchetti SF-260

Independence Day at Nanuet

Mel Rodney's Westland Lysander 

Ray Prato's Nieuport 28

George Emer's 3D printed biplane


Ed's new CNC machine

George Emer's gas powered Cub

Helmut's new Apprentice




Bob's new Kadet

Fence rebuilding begins 4-18-17

Fence completed 4-21-17







Gregg and Ed dressed for the occasion

A visit to the Pima Air Museum in Tucson




Weekend flying 2-19

Live weather conditions from the field

Kevin Mints & George Osgoodby's Bronco




The old Orangeburg field 1976

Pedro, Justin, Gregg, Doug, Jim & Rick

at the Central Nyack Community Center

Josh Garber's 3d printed wheels