- When entering or leaving flying site the speed limit is 12MPH.  Speed Limit will be strictly enforced.

    - Yield Right-of-Way to ALL other vehicles.


PARKING & UNLOADING (Fixed Wing/ Main Field)

-          All Pilots to park in Designated Area only.

-          All Vehicles unloading must be moved to the General Parking Area after unloading.

-          On HELI SIDE: All Pilots to park in front of flight tables behind pit area. 


FIELD RULES (Common to Both Fixed and Rotary Wing)

    -        Members will not fly alone unless the member and their aircraft have been approved to do so.

-          Flying times: Weekdays and Saturday 8am to dusk, Sundays and holidays 10:00am to dusk.

-          No activity or club personnel at the field after dusk. This applies to all days, weekends and holidays.

-          Club ID Cards must be worn at ALL times.

-          All Models will comply with AMA/Club noise levels.  All engines shall have a muffler and not exceed 100 dB at 3 meters.

-          We are all responsible for the condition of the field. Trash shall not be left behind for any reason whatsoever!

-          Only Pilots and Assistants are allowed at the Flight Line.

-          All NEW or Repaired Models will have a pre-flight check prior to first flight including Radio Range Check.

-          All models should have their failsafe modes properly adjusted including remote engine shutoff, and the pilot should be able to demonstrate their operation (on bench) if requested.

-          Engine testing shall only be in designated area.

-          Field charging cannot be done with the charger and battery placed directly under the hood of a vehicle. Chargers may only be connected with 10 foot leads and must be kept away from the vehicle.

-          New Members MUST pass a flight test before being allowed to fly “solo”.

-          Pilots shall make appropriate announcements when taking off, landing or emergency situations.

-          All Modes Airplanes MUST face away from the pit area at all times.

-          One Pilot per Flight Station (Max 4 Aircraft at any one time).

-          No Taxing in Pit Area.

-          ALL Aircraft will takeoff/land from the center of the runway.

-          Pilots will not fly over the Pit Area and stay at least 25 feet from the Flight Stations.

-          All 3D Maneuvers MUST be done 100 feet from Flight Stations (over high grass section).

-          3D Maneuvers cannot be done when more than one pilot is flying.

-          Each transmitter MUST display frequency ID. (72MHZ)

-          Established club Frequency Control Plan will be enforced at all times.

-          Direction of flight is determined by wind direction and agreement between all Pilots.

-          All Flying Guests must be with a club member and sign a Waiver.

-          All visitors must remain behind PIT AREA.

-          Models will fly only in pre-designated area and will yield right-of-way to full-size aircraft.

-          First Aid Kit is located under Frequency Board.

Heli Field Specific Rules

-          Each transmitter MUST BE 2.4GHZ.

-          2.4GHZ radios only on Heli Side, any Heli’s running 72MHZ radios will need to be flown at the Main Field.

-          No main rotors are to be spun up under power behind the flight line or in the pits (no exceptions). If the head mechanics/electronics are going to be tested both the main and tail blades must be removed.

-          Pilots shall call next up before current pilot lands and be ready for flight once pilot clears flying area.

-          ALL Aircraft will takeoff/land from the center of the respectively marked flying field.

-          All 3D Maneuvers MUST be done 100 feet from Flight Stations (over high grass section) unless announced ahead of time and accompanied by a spotter (Heli Side).

-          First Aid Kit is located at Tent Area.

-          Pilots will not fly over the Pit Area and stay at least 25 feet from the Flight Stations.

-          High Speed Passes MUST be 50 feet from Flight Stations.

-          Please referenced attached air space sheet and respect each other’s space. (a sign referencing the flying zones is also at the field).




NYACK HOSPITAL                     845-348-2345

CLARKSTOWN POLICE            845-639-5800


Compliance with the Safety Rules is the responsibility of each member.


Ed Johnson's Field Map of Heli and Fixed Wing flight areas.