RCRCC Flying Alone Rules & Waiver






Member rules:

Provisional members are excluded from the fly alone privilege. You need to be a full member in good standing with the club to be considered for flying alone.


When flying alone you are solely responsible for the condition of the field. Trash shall not be left behind for any reason whatsoever!


All existing flight and field rules are to be adhered to.


Any pilot not following the field rules or flying a non-approved “Fly Alone model” by themselves will have their membership immediately revoked!

The fly alone pilot will keep the model within the established flight boundaries of the field.


Members need to take into consideration several factors, including piloting ability, weight, size, and speed of the fly alone model.


Models should be remotely controlled, remain within the pilot’s line of sight at all times, and always be flown safely by the operator.

Fixed Wing Requirments:
Electric or of any similar quiet means of propulsion.


Wingspan no greater than 43”.


Model weight will be less that 2 lbs.


Speed will be less than 60mph.

Radio failsafe must pass inspection.


Use of throttle hold/lock switch is required.

Prop saver drive is highly recommended for pilot safety. But may be waived if the pilot shows the proper function of his failsafe programming and throttle hold/lock operation.



Heli Requirements:

 Helicopter model is to be no larger than a 450 class heli.


 Use of throttle hold/lock switch is required.


Radio failsafe must pass inspection.


No stretched kits allowed. Must be stock format.




Click here to view and print the waiver and aircraft inspection form!