The Orangeburg Field &

Congers Lake

~ 1975 - 76 ~


     Here is another glimpse of the Orangeburg Field and Congers Lake from former Old Tappan resident Bob Juncosa. Bob was gracious enough to take the time to scan in some old 35mm slides he had and send them over, so the least we could do was make a new web page to show them off. In the email that he sent, Bob mentions spending much time at Orangeburg and palling around with Mike Buzzeo whose father Pat was RC royalty back in the day. From the looks of things it seemed like a pretty busy day in Orangeburg with a large group of flyers and spectators in attendance. Thanks to Jim Buzzeo for putting names with the faces, and if any of the people in the photos look familiar please let us know and we will add their names as well.

John Lafonte standing in front of the biplane talking with Bob DeGrosa and his son Bob. Denis Donohue is in the upper right.


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Andy Davie and his VK Cherokee

Jim Buzzeo with his Curare


        Here are a few shots shots of Congers Lake from Bob, and in the photo on the lower left you can see the recovery boat. It looks a little nicer than the one we have now! The location of the photos look to be in about the same space that we fly today, and if that huge rock in the shot below is still there, it would be a dead giveaway.

Harvey Landis looking out over the lake and Jerry Gleicher